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Professor Sabine Flitsch
Professor of Chemical Biology
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB), Room 3.020
The University of Manchester
131 Princess Street
Manchester M1 7DN

Personal Assistant:
Emma Mellor
School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9PL.
+44 (0)161-275-1312 tel

The Flitsch Research Group

The Flitsch group is very interdisciplinary, consisting of synthetic chemists, enzymologists and molecular biologists and is involved in several topics that fall within the broad area of Chemical Biology. Our research interests fall into three broad areas:

Glycosciences – More than half of the proteins in the body are glycosylated, but the role of sugars attached to proteins is very poorly understood. We are using a combination of chemical synthesis, protein chemistry, molecular biology and biophysical methods to understand the effect glycosylation has on protein structure, folding and function ... read more

Biocatalysis – Enzymes have enormous potential as catalysts for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and health care products. They can catalyse reactions with high regio- and stereoselectivity under ambient reaction conditions. We are interested in expanding the repertoire of biocatalytic reactions by developing novel biocatalysts for reactions that are chemically very difficult ... read more

Protein-Ligand Interactions – The de-novo design of selective ligands (substrates, inhibitors, agonists or antagonists) of target protein is still a very challenging proposition. We are using a combination of virtual screening of compound libraries in combination with experimental library screening to find novel protein ligands. ... read more

CV: ... read more



New Glycoinformatics book now available here.

A roadmap for glycoscience research in Europe has been created.

Our Nature Chemistry paper is available online now!

Congratulations to Lorna Hepworth, who was part of the award winning IGEM team 'Best Human Practices Award'.

Follow our outreach activities with The Complex Life of Sugars @sugarcomplexity and download our ipad game Cell Invader.


Anyone interested in joining the group as a Postdoctoral Research Associate or PhD student should write to Professor Flitsch including a short CV

Current Positions Available: